Rotate Elevation View Plane?


Does Dynamo allow rotating an elevation?

By default they are created looking perpendicularly at walls, but if the wall rotates and we just want to rotate accordingly the related elevations instead of creating new ones, is that possible?

Or the Plane can’t be changed once the elevation is created?


I’m not sure but going to guess this isn’t possible. This is whole purpose of Revit, viewing sections or plans on a specific plane. Rotating that geometry and detail components and dimensions is very difficult.

Of course I do welcome other ideas and to see if I am wrong.

Well, Revit actually allows to rotate elevations and sections.

So far I managed in Dynamo to get the normal vector of the elevation to be rotated and of the wall to face at. And the angle between them.

So what I need now is find out how to rotate an elevation in Dynamo (or just any generic element as the rotation nodes seem to be very specific).

Views and their associates planes can be rotated but rarely will ever adequately align with the intended target as they do when recreated.

Dynamo might help with this but I haven’t tried. For me it would be faster and more stable to recreate the view and associated notations.

It always depends on the current project. May be useful in some situations…

Do you know any node to rotate an element? all that I find is for geometry, families…

Did you ever figure out how to rotate the view? I am attempting the same thing with sections.


Sorry, I’ve been very disconnected from Dynamo lately.

I did this in case it could be useful: