Rotate Adaptive 3 Points Family arround X-Axis and Z-Axis

Hi Dynamo Forum!

I have a question about Tunnel Modelling with adaptive families.
I placed 3 adaptive points and placed on each adaptive points reference points and defined rotation for XY Plane after that placed profile on each refence points than created Family than uploaded in project.

Whit script, which one I have found here, I can place adaptive families and rotate arround Z-Axis but not arround X-axis. Plane-Z is always vertical to Path. I want rotate family arround both Axes, otherwise it lost his mass. but I couldn’t yet…

Thanks for your Help :slight_smile:

hi @Cagatay
as you host ref. point into the adaptive point to rotat xy plane(about z) you need to add another refre. point to rotat in XZ plan.

to calculate the rotation angle use this node from “BrimMohareb_2023”

Three_point_adaptive.rfa (672 KB)

and here is a example

Thank you for your reply @RMohareb

I have revit 2021, so I can’t open your files :frowning:
I placed another ref. point but still can’t rotate XZ Plane.


Three_point_adaptive_2020.rfa (972 KB)
use this with v 2020
here you can see how we defined the rotation about X, Y and Z


i like the family shape by the way :smiley:


Thank you @RMohareb

I try to define for my adaptive family. Your file helped me a lot to understand rotation :slight_smile:

@ingenieroahmad Thanks :smiley: it is easier to see everything with shapes

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Hi @RMohareb,

I could create 3 points adaptive Family with your solution and calculate the rotation angle with my script. Can you please also post a link of “BrimMohareb_2023”. I would like to see it :slight_smile: Sorry, If you have already posted in Forum.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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@Cagatay you are welcome for any questions

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Hi @RMohareb ,

I hope you are fine :slight_smile:
Is it possibe to create adaptive family with 2 or 3 points with different profiles and place it along the curve as you sad above?
Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @Cagatay
Sure you can but not hosted to curves . Add it in the project by using dynamo

Thank you for your reply @RMohareb ,
But can you please explain more?
Do you mean, that i have to create it with reference line and add it with dynamo with coordinates?

@Cagatay I mean you insert family in the project direct. The adaptive point insert in the project with out any reference. You do not need to create reference curve. In serr it direct with out any reference.

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@RMohareb Thank you, it was very easy to insert family with your solution :slight_smile:

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