Rooms and Ceilings height to Excel

Hello evryone,

I’m trying to extract some parameter values and export it to excel.
In the first column I want to have the “Number” of the rooms;
second column the “Limit Offset” of that room;
third column the “Height Offset From Level” of the Ceiling in that room.

I tried the Tool.GetSurroundingElements, but some rooms will then also get the ceilings of surrounding rooms, or no ceilings at all when the Tolerance is to low. Second problem I have is to sort out the list to get everything on the right place.

Info to Excel.dyn (14.6 KB)

Try the Room.Boundaries node. If you’ve got 3D volume computation enabled and your rooms have an upper limit that makes the ceiling bound it, you’ll get all of the ceiling elements out of the node. Filter out by the object.type to get just the ceilings, pull “Height Offset From Level” and then get the one with the highest (coves), average (main) or lowest (soffits) offset, depending on the desired output and the design. From there you need to combine all the dta points into a single list, and use a list.transpose node to flip the order. Make sure your lists are only ever 2 levels deep or you may have issues with writing the excel or otherwise working with the data.


Thanks a lot for your help.
Is there a way to also get the info of the ceilings with a heigher “Height Offset From Level” then the “Limit Offset” from the room?

This is how my script looks now:
room and ceiling height to excel

No, but you could adjust the height offset, and return it to the previous value later if there is a reason they are lower than the volume.