Room numbers by level,apartment and type

Hey everyone,

Im quiet new to revit dynamo but i want to set up a script to auto number my rooms. In our office we use a system to give every room a number like: “x”.“y”.“z”. where x stands for the level. y the appartment number and z the room type. so we end up with something like:
00.01.01 (groundfloor, appartment 1, livingroom)
00.01.02 (groundfloor, appartment 1, kitchen)
im able to split all the data in different lists, but i cant get them together. as you see i only end up with 8 values which are not correct.
is there someone who can help me out with this one?

hmm, thing it already goes whong here, i need to call the group instance not the group itself.

Hi @m.vanrijzingen and welcome to the forum!

You forgot the lacing, see this forum:

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Can you share you’re script? I guess this is a List.GroupByKey problem.

thanks for your response. Sure will send the script later today.

here the script, saidly i didnt have the time to work on it today. i hope we can make it work.
and thanks for the link to the lacing topic, will take a look :wink:

rooms_naming.dyn (34.2 KB)

currently the group is driven by this instance.

got the group instances working.

suggestion on the lacing tab? @jw.vanasselt

*already got a step futher. the level and group type is working fine. its only the last digit thats doing something odd.

thanks for the help. noted as solved :wink:

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rooms_naming.dyn (101.2 KB)

The solution :slight_smile:
Don’t forget the button :wink:

Hey can i ask you a question regarding shared parameters ID’s and changing them?
we currently running into a problem with the ID’s and how them show up in the property browser. so i want to rearrange the ID’s in the propper arrangement.
hope this image explains it:

This screenshot doesn’t show enough. There is probably some rearranging happening. Also I think this is a different topic

Shared parameter Id’s are never forgotten by the project I believe, even if removed/re-added. Even if they aren’t I don’t believe you can rewrite their Id, Revit generates this when they are made. The project will also always recognize the parameter by its Guid even if the name changes and it is re-added (try it, the name will show the old parameters name). I’d suggest just accepting unsorted browser tabs.

I’ve heard there are some very dark ways to manipulate this but they’re highly error prone and the people referencing them did not want to share them as they were very risky as a result.