Dynamo - Rooms renumbering with a twist

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to get a tool to renumber my rooms on the fly. The idea is to be able to renumber if we had to insert or remove a room at a given level.

The room number we use is a sort of concatenation of values.

Zone code: 2 letters ie.: AA
Level: 2 numbers ie.: 05
Room category: 2 letters followed by the number ie.: RM01

It gives something like AA.05.RM01…02…03…

I’ve created Shared parameters for each value that I fill manually except for the number and another shared parameter to be filled with Dynamo with the resulting code.

I’ve followed the Room renumbering tutorial from William Wong and from there added a few options.
I filter the rooms by level.

So far, the classic renumbering script works. But there’s a couple of additional twists I’d like to add but I can’t achieve because of my beginners level.

1 - I’ll need to get the numbering sequence to be independent for each Rooms category:
ie.: Stairwells from 01 to 04, Offices from 01 to 22…
Up to now I’ve been able to separate room categories into sublists, but:
a - I don’t know what to do with it from here and how to get Dynamo to count the sublists separately.
b - I’m not sure it haven’t scrambled the spline along room order that I got out of the “Whatever it does” group.

2 - In the end, I’d like to be able to concatenate my values and set the Room code into the shared parameter.
I gave it a rough try, but all I got is this silly string you can see in the end of the script.

Thank you for any advice!

Screen shots to follow

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RoomNmbrDep.dyn (11.8 KB)


Thanks Vikram!

Now I’m eager to try this out!

Still need to check and analyse to understand how it processes.


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It worked like a charm!!

And to top it, I figured the way to join my strings was much simpler than what I first intended… as it’s often the case in Dynamo!

Thanks again Vikram.


Is there a way to just download this script or do I have to recreate it from the images? Thanks for the info.

Can you please tell me where I can find the William Wong tutorial you had mentioned? I keep trying to find William Wong/Case related articles but their website is gone.

Hi Daniel,

Case were bought by WeWork and I believe it all went private, perhaps there’s a cached version somewhere…