ReWrite Export Options DWG

Hello, Does anyoune know if is it possible to rewrite, DWG Export options during dynamo export process, if i have for example walls in same pattern field but in different type, and thickness, and i want it to have in different layers in autocad when process is completed ?

Sorry for that different question :D,

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Hello, there are some interesting nodes in bimorphNodes to manage CAD files in Dynamo but I’m not aware of any export option…

Thx, I will check it

@Yna_Db cheers for the mention

@marek1992 there are no bimorphNodes which handle customising DWG export settings. I assume you are already aware of Revit’s OOTB mapping table when exporting to DWG? Does this not meet your requirements without the intervention of Dynamo?

This doesnt meet my requierements, :/, i think only one possible solutions is to make a script which change the parameters of constructions before exporting, a then revers it back ,


Hello @marek1992
What node do you use to export to DWG?

i use node from Konrad, it works nice, Sheets to DWG_2017.dyn (12.7 KB)

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Is this post that you are talking about?

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