Revit Wall Reveal Geometry

Is it possible to read and download the geometry of a Revit wall reveal? Using snoop on a wall reveal suggests this is not possible but since we can move a reveal object manually I assume there has to be geometry data locating the object. If it’s possible how would I do that in Dynamo?

I just had a look at this and it does indeed not seem quite trivial. Usually you would be able to get to an element’s geometry by calling Element.Geometry - in this case that will not give you anything. If you’re prepared to go the extra mile for this, you could try doing this with a Python node. You will be able to get a lot of information using <span class=“identifier”>GetWallSweepInfo</span>(), among other items this will give you a ProfileId. If you query the profile, it should return some curves. A lot of hoops to jump through, though…

Thanks Andreas I was afraid that would be the answer. Here’s another related question that should be easier. Is there a way to read and download the geometry of a Revit sweep? My attempts at downloading them with Dynamo with similar code to downloading the wall element geometry have failed. Any help would be appreciated.