Revit to dwg

I need your help with exporting revit to dwg.
I have created 3d model ducting for 25+ AHU.
But now I want to export revit 2d view into 2d dwg which includes

  1. AHU wise SUPPLY and RETURN

    layer in autocad + revit duct tags (specific duct system created in revit)

  2. dwg layer color should be same as applied in revit (revit - override or filter on)

One by one Isolate duct,duct fitting,flex duct,duct insulation duct tag as per duct systems type or comment or mark value

And then export it into dwg with layer and true colors

If you have any dynamo bim script please share it will help me. I’m fresher in dynamo.
Please reply

Its true this post is related to my work and I’m not asking for 100% solution.
In simple word i will say teach me please.

Hi @VishalRG,

Welcome to the Forum.
Please read this post : How to get help on the Dynamo forums

You need to post what you tried.
The forum is not the place to have your work done by others. You can hire a consultant if you want a quick solution.


finally I have created this script by myself but I’m facing one issue here.
right now I’m able to export only required elements after Hiding unwanted elements but after the DWG export I want to make all my elements visible. (and my result of dwg export is null.)
give me some ideas

I want to return to view 4 or view 1