Revit Links from Excel and SaveAs New Project

I have a graph that reads an Excel spreasheet, the spreadsheet contains 5 columns (1st 4 are revit link, 5th is project name)
The graph then proceeds to repath the dummy links in the current open template and saveas this as the first project name from the spreadsheet… the generally works fine.
Where I’m stuck is setting a loop to get each set of link names and setting these to each project name.
any assistance would be helpful. TIA

@EddieSaez since you using one template to create the files, did you consider saveAs or duplicating the template/ Revit file as per the Excel file, then background open these files and delete the unwanted links? It is not the perfect solution, but I cannot see how it is possible to keep opening the same template until your Excel rows are depleted.

I’m performing a SaveAs rather than reopening the template file.