Revit Keynotes type of object that pulls out other parameters

Is it possible via Dynamo to create something similar to Revit’s Keynote annotation function whereby it pulls out other parameters, not just ‘key value’ and ‘keynote text’?

In particular, say a linked IFC file where it pulls out the ‘IfMaterial’ parameter into the note.




Were you wanting the keynote family to read this data? We are able to get parameters from linked objects now, I am just not sure if the keynote tag will display this.

doesn’t necessarily have to be the keynote family.

Just functionality whereby you can pull out a parameter into an annotation.

Anything like that currently in the development?

This might pose a bit of a challenge due to Revit’s lacklustre support for IFC standards.

My suggestion is the following:

  • Create a Generict Annotation Family because it’s the only annotation that can store data.

-Place the GA families

  • Read the parameters from the linked IFC file( the current methods exposed to the API can only pull data from elements belonging to a known category. If your IFC elements are assigned to an unknown category, it might be tricky to extract the data)

-Write the data to the corresponding GA families.

The below is just a proof of concept. The “Get Documents” and “Element.GetFromLinkedFile” are from the and SteamNodes packages respectively.


Thanks Dimitar, that looks promising! Do you mind sharing your files? I’ll share back, if we change/tweak anything.

We’re looking to use it on this project:

you can shoot it as a ‘pull request’ to that project if you want.

Cheers, Ryan




I hate to interrupt but its called archi-lab not cad. :slight_smile: LOL

Either way, I wish I had something more constructive to say. Sorry to interrupt.


Whatever Dimitar is saying makes perfect sense.

Good luck!

Dohh, sorry about that Konrad. Whenever I hear IFC, my first thought is ArchiCad :o

Sure, Ryan. I’ll add something some time later.

Edit: There’s a request pending.

Awesome, thanks Dimitar for the Github Commit!

I’m excited about this! There’s a lot of potential here.

I shot you out props here:

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