Revit crashes when repathing packages to dynamo 2.0.2

Hello community,

We are migrating to dynamo 2.0.2 from 1.3.3

Revit crashes when we repath to the server location, where we keep the office up to date packages,

We made sure these packages where developed for dynamo 2.x

If the folder contains one subfolder, let’s say

And then we copy paste the rest of packages then it is fine

Any ideas why??? this is driving me mad :wink:

Anyone has any ideas why this might be happening?

see this thread for some hints:

I think the first step is to isolate if this only occurs with your network location or if it also crashes with a local path.

Hello Michael,

Thank you very much for this

I hope this will be fixed soon

I have the same issue, but found a workaround.

First, I must mention that I can only have my add-on packages loaded on and pathed to a local server. If I try to path to the corporate server, Dynamo crashes on startup.

After logging into my system, and launching Dynamo for the first time, I have to either start a new blank dyn or open one that only utilizes packages loaded locally. I guess this sort of initializes the Dynamo pathing and from that point, I can then open any dyn from startup. This is only good while I am logged into my system. If I log out and log back in, I have to do the same scenario as described above all over again.

Yes, I agree BIMadmin, I also hope this gets fixed soon. Having to keep the packages updated on everyone’s computer across the corporate network is a pain.