Revit autofill new parameter from existing parameter


I am very new to Dynamo. I have an existing text parameter in my project (COBie.Type.Description) and I want to use this value in a new parameter (Ifc Description). Please could you advise how this could be achieved.

Many Thanks

Something like this:

Thanks for the Reply.

It works perfectly when both parameters are instance, however my problem is the Ifc Description Parameter is an instance and the COBie.Type.Description parameter is a type. Is there away to work around this?

Thanks again.

In that case you’re better off using the “Get Type Parameter” node from the Archi-lab package:

I am having an issue locating that node.I have downloaded the package. However when searching I can not locate the “Get Type Parameter” node. Where will I find this.

Sorry! I am very new to Dynamo and really appreciate your help

I think the package is not working as the I am using Dynamo 1.0 and maybe it is not currently supported. Is there an alternative custom node that can be used?


Hi Dave,

You can use “Element.Type” custom node from clockwork package also:


I have tried with the Clockwork package, however i am getting an error I have attached a screen shot, can you see what i am doing wrong?


Can you show me values of each nodes.



I got it working, however do you know of a way that I can modify multiple revit categories using the Dynamo work flow I sent earlier? I.e. Auto fill a new parameters from an existing one for revit pipe accessories and mechanical equipment at the same time.