Revit 2023.0.2 - Package Manager problems

Hi, I’m having trouble with the Package Manager for R2023, which I think only started following the installation of the hotfix released recently. I was previously able (like in other versions of Dynamo) to click on the package name to access a full list of package versions. This no longer works. ‘View Details’ also does nothing.
The only thing that prompts a response is when I click on ‘Install’ on a package that is currently not installed.

I created network mappings to a new Revit2020, Revit 2021, and so on, -folders to be sure i had the right version and i didn’t mess up, after i downloaded the packages from and unpacked them. Sometimes deprecated nodes are left behind, this messes things up when using the Package Manager.
The website is down right now, just give it some time.
And be sure to wipe your %appdata% …Packages folder.
Just have one point of failure to make trouble shooting easier.

The package details should open a view extension exposing all of the info. This is usually docked to the right side of the Dynamo window.

More info is here under ‘package consumption’

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