Revit 2021 API Docs- ImageImportOptions class depreciated?


I have an old graph I made that selects an image file, creates a drafting view and renames it to match the original file name.

We recently upgraded to Revit 2021 and dynamo 2.5. This graph has stopped working.

I get this error

I made a new python script window and used the command suggestion thing. ImageImportOptions() is not showing up.
image does not have code for 2021.
Load images to project?

This graph was created from @Konrad_K_Sobon post

Can someone help me here, please
Has 2021 API been released, if so where do I find it?.
has this been depreciated - if so is there a new method?.

Image File to Drafting View.dyn (40.3 KB)

This code was replaced in 2021, to account for some of the user interface changes which were also added. A listing of the changes can be found here:

Thanks @JacobSmall.
Is there any documentation on how to use the new methods?.
I’m not sure how I fix my code from that info.

Not sure, but I haven’t really dug into it. Knowing the methods means you could try learning by experimentation to some extent (that is feed it two overrides which won’t work - say DateTime objects - return the trace back to see what the method requires, and then then give the node that thing).

Have you checked to see if there is a node in archilab package for this? Silly to reinvent the wheel for everything if you can consume something common.

Thank you @JacobSmall
Sure enough, archilab included the nodes required to update my graph.

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