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Hello community!

I took over this script made by GavinCrump (whom I thank very much). I would like to add an option (in the red area of ​​the image below) which will allow to select all the revisions in order to delete them at once (and not by selecting them one by one).
is it possible from this script? If yes, how? I thank you in advance

TEST_DY.5_Révisions_Cartouche.dyn (58.7 KB)

You can add a simple boolean input. If the input is set to True, delete all revisions, then you can set your graph to get all revisions. If the input is set to False, delete selected revision only, then you can get just the selected revision.

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thanks! like that? and then?

I have the option that is added, but it does not take into account all revisions. How can I make the connection?

have a read archi-lab , that should give u the idea you want to achieve

You already have all the Revisions for the dropdown selection. Your UI window lets you select which one you’re after and then returns it in the output of the UI node. So now you have a list of All Revisions and the Selected Revision. You can now just use a simple If statement to return the original list of All Revisions or the currently Selected Revision based on the checkbox value. Then you just continue on with your graph using whichever selection was returned.

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And so the whole, I connect it where in my script?

TEST_DY.5_Révisions_Cartouche.dyn (66.6 KB)

You can potentially select your revisions this way

Capture d’écran 2022-11-12 194729


Hello, I have gaps on the revisions on revit (do you have a place on the sheet a property filled in on the sheet)

In this case you isolate with an if on this said property at the end of your selections


Thank you! I combined your script by modifying mine. Another question, how can I put the date at the beginning of the revisions? As well as the author? Thank you

TEST_DY.5_Révisions_Cartouche.dyn (63.1 KB)

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To answer your question here is an example to repatriate what you want.

Note: You must try to stay on your subject, to gain readability if another person is in a similar situation


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That is the result. How can I remove “order…” and only have the date and description of the revision?
and if possible… remove ID


Here are some answers to your questions

edit:When you pass your mouse, the designer of the package has taken care to inform the incoming and outgoing (you must read these messages, they are very instructive :wink:)
you also have a help provided on the node with right mouse button


thanks for all !!!

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