Reset / Set Parameter Type Mark to Empty

I there a way to look through the model and remove all the type marks from all the families. I know what you are thinking are you crazy lol. The reason is when we get models from a vendor we want to start them from scratch so it doesn’t mess up our numbering. I am messing around and am just spinning my wheels. Thanks in advance for the help.

P.S. I know I can create a Multi Category schedule and then sort by type mark then delete them one by one. But hey I have Dynamo lol

Get all model categories. Get all family types of those categories. Set type mark to “”.


This post should point you in the right direction with a node from MEPover. Collect all categories in a project - #33 by T_Pover

Yea got the first parts it is the getting it to find the type mark. and then use the “” (Which I didnt know the “” part lol)

You can use a node from Rhythm to set type parameters with family instances. The OOTB way you would need to get the placed instances element type in order to set a type parameter with the element.setparameter by name node.

The null is because some elements don’t have a mark parameter.

I hope this helps!

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Here’s how I would do it with the OOTB element.SetParameterByName node.

That worked perfect it threw an error (like you stated below) but it still cleared the fields. Thank you very much!!!

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You’re very welcome!