[Request for Feedback] Language Preferences

Hello Dynamites!

We’re looking at improving the node state - see the Dynamo Node Information feedback request. In this work, we’re also looking at making more consistent the existing Nodal library and have two options we are looking to gauge interest on:

  1. Short-hand nomenclature such as int, bool, str
  2. Full length nomenclature such as integer, boolean and string.

Currently the Nodes in the library have both of these approaches, so we are looking to conform to one standard moving forward and migrate these nodes over time.

We are looking to make this as consistent, clear and simple as possible for new users, while staying authentic to computer science diction to enable progression inside of Dynamo and beyond.

User Preferences

  • Short-hand (i.e. int, bool, str)
  • Full-length (i.e. integer, boolean, string)

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if it is meant for the new user, then the full-length is definitely the one IMHO.

  • straight forward in terms of meaning, it is meant to be understood whatever your background is.
  • no confusion possible with a method or property in DS or python.
  • making it consultant in all input won’t eat more than the usual space used in the input description.