Boolean Node Code

Hi Guys,
does anyone know what is the coding behind the boolean componant in Dynamo ?.
It re execute the dynamo script. I want to perform that inside a zerotouch componant. any hints would be apreciated.

Are you asking about using a boolean as a node refresh mechanic? The boolean input is just a quick and easy way to change the input of a node, which causes it to reevaluate. All you need is a Refresh input. It doesn’t have to do anything in the code.

Thanks for the reply. yes, you are right all the componants re execute the dynamo .I want my componant to get updated after a specific time without retriggering it or unplug and re plug. Any hints ?

Don’t know if that’s possible from the node. That’s beyond my level of knowledge. You can set Dynamo to run periodically though. Search the forums for more info.

Yes, I have looked into that before. Anyway I 'll keep searching.
Thanks !