[Request for Feedback] Help us name the new Dynamo guided tour

Hello Dynamo people,

The Dynamo team is working on adding a new guided tour to help orient new users to Dynamo. We’d like your help naming that tour.

The new tour focuses on beginner interactions with a sample graph and includes:

  • Information on nodes, wires, and the library
  • Clicking through several text boxes that point to and describe the elements within the workspace and library
  • Hands-on practice with basic interactions including placing a node and wiring nodes

Which of these names would you pick for the new tour? If you are familiar with the names of any existing Dynamo tours, please disregard those when responding, as we want to ensure each is named in a way that makes the most sense. Feel free to also reply to this thread with your own suggestions.

  • Onboarding
  • Dynamo Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Beginner Guide
  • Graph Basics
  • Other (let us know in the thread!)

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Actually … hi, @helena.wahlstrom

practice, practice and practice examples…

A good design for understanding dynamo is:

1.) Theory
2.) Touch data
3.) Move data
4.) Touch Elements
5.) Place Elements
6.) Move Elements
7.) Delete Elements

all in real handsOn task, realeted to Projects, Restrictions like DIN, ISO, ÖNORM…
Workflows with messurable result (timesave, data consistensy). Its not only about Dynamo - you need standards, Users who are aware how the move in a project when they “speak” Dynamo.

For the EndUser a nice interface in the DynamoPlayer Eviroment. It is a human right just to click the magic button… … I think for RevitUsers it is ok to be scared of diving in Dynamo.

In some projects we had whitepapers and manuels for particulary tasks f.e.:


What me helped is understanding principles of programming and they should immadiatly related to real project issues, BECAUSE i don`t want to drink my beer alone after work :wink:

operators … compare/and transform data
dictionary … sorting Elements by keys
loops … add data for each element, based on conditions (strength, Type, whatever)

where is disapeared the page designscript.io ?



Lets call it “lift of”

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Before it went away, i downloaded this from that website
designscript-final.pdf (1.5 MB)
Was that what you were looking for?

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Based on my YouTube xp with search optimisation the words ‘for beginners’ are strong. I’d say an obvious/seo suitable name is better than a zany/abtract one.


Thanks to everyone who participated so far! Please consider casting your vote if you haven’t already.

Zero to Dynamo