Replacing Hi Poly Instance with Low Poly Instance, retaining Parameters and Values

Facility Maintenance Models do not require a Level of Geometry at 500.
MEPF Models, furniture, etc. typically are using MFG. models found on the web which do not represent the actual installed Mfg. asset installed.

Is it possible to swap a High poly level instance, retain the parameters and values with a generic geometric representation of a lower level poly instance?

Typical offenders are Sprinkler heads, Mechanical equipment, Furniture, Pipe Accessories, Valves, generators, lighting.

Hi @pixldust ,

You could create (in Revit) a Level of Geometry parameter and use that parameter to change the visibility/ detail of your objects. Then afterwards can you change that Level in batch through Dynamo.

I appreciate the thought and that would work well, if the objects level of geometry was already created in Revit.
These objects are usually Manufacturer built libraries that have been created in 3DS Max at a High Level of detail and repurposed for other CAD applications such as Revit, AutoCAD and SketchUP.

You’re pretty limited in that case unfortunately. Hard to reauthor geometry if you don’t have authoring capabilities inhouse. Some programs can reapproximate meshes such as Rhino 3d, but Revit isn’t really made to simplify geometry in the same way, and neither is Dynamo hence.

My recommendation is to see if you can get the chance to brief teams in earlier stages with your client(s) to dictate LOG requirements and maximum thresholds, otherwise you’ll be getting willy nilly in all cases I’d say - the industry doesn’t have a standard and if anything more detail is the go these days due to realtime raytracers that work from the model.