Replacing Door Tags... but within a number of Attached Detail Annotation Group!

Hi all,

We are designing around 8 highrise apartments with many repetitive units within each respective tower. The problem is when pressed with deadlines users created their own versions of door tags, window tags, etc etc just so they could get the correct graphics standard for Working Drawings. We are due for another revision of drawings just before Christmas. As you might have guessed by now, it’s a big ask if u want to standardise the usage of dedicated Annotation tags across different Revit files + replace whatever’s there with the desired one. The problem becomes more challenging when u use a lot of groups and attached detail groups in ur project file(s). I did some digging and made the attached Dynamo definition that could inform me which groups are way off their "Origin Level Offset ".

What I would like to do is get all views where an attached detail group is applied and has at least one door tag used, then replace all those with the one desired. This will tremendously reduce my time in standardising my drawings. Likewise, something similar could be done for Window tags, Floor tags, etc etc. I know routine model check ups and auditing should never lead to these types of problems but Groups, as much as a boon they are equally a bane in most of the cases. Any idea on how to go about this exercise??

Groups - OLO chking

If you get the categories node and look in the pulldown, you will see a category called “IOS_ AttachedDetailGroups”. This will allow you to get all attached detail groups in the project.

Then you can use the Clockwork Node Group.Members to get the elements in that group. After that, you can search through the list of elements in that group and test them against your criteria.

If you actually want to start changing things in groups using Dynamo, it gets a bit trickier, as changing things in a group will blow up your groups (The fun Ungrouping error). What you have to do is trick Revit into not ungrouping your groups - and it will allow you to make changes to groups ** if there is only one instance of a group in a project**. First you will need to duplicate all of the groups that will get changed so that each group is uniquely named (instead of having many instances of one group, you will have many duplicated groups with different names, but only one of each group will exist), but keep one instance of the original group in place. This is only temporary. Then you can make whatever changes are needed (switch out families, edit parameters, etc…). Revit still doesn’t like it, but it will allow it because “changes within groups are not allowed, but because there’s only one instance of the group…I guess I’ll allow it…” (Thanks Revit…).

Now that the original group has been successfully changed, all you need to do is go to all of the duplicate unique named groups, SetParameterByName using the parameter “Type” and switch the group type back to the original (but now edited) group type.

I’m not going to lie…it’s a hassle. But it works, I do it all the time.

Thanks for the reply Ben. But as you can see, am getting null result. I am running Dynamo version 9.0