Replace null with with data from previous node

If I am editing my data with other components and some of those edits do not apply it comes back with a null, but what I want is the previous data that was unaffected so how would one replace nulls with data that has not been affected? Thank you for your help in advance!


Very crude example, but you could utilize something like this

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Thanks Jonathan, is there a way to scale this if null occurs more than once, do I need to change my lacing?


I suggest a condition for this, see below :

problem with this is that I still have to identify the previous surface from the list therefore I still need to find all the indexes of null and we can do it for one but not for multiples atm.

Provided you have the same list structures between the input lists, it should work the same. Here is an example with different geometries which would be your surfaces :


Apologises, I misread that code block. Thank you so much!

Ikichenin, what would you do in the situation where a list has more than one items, I am getting this error:

One way to do it is to normalize the depth of your “amended” list so you can perform the test. You will need to manage your lists accordingly to make it work.

Here is the illustration :


Thank you, so much!