Replace family not face based


We are working on a script to replace original families not based on face but hosted to a level with offset, to others which are based on face.

But we couldn’t get a solution to replace those family types. Instead, we take the coordinates from original families and place the new family with those coordinates, and that is working.

The problem comes when we try to rotate or edit the position of the family. I mean, the new base on face family it’s looking up, and we want to turn it and look down. We tried with the control option editing the family, and it works it we place the family manually.

Placed by dynamo (we can´t move or rotate)

Placed manually (we can move or rotate)

Placed manually and moved from host (we can move or rotate)PlaceFamilyManuallyNot%20Associated

How could we placed correctly and be able to turn the direction? Or there are some other way that we are missing?

Thanks in advance!

Need a full dataset to help here. A basic Revit file and set of families to work with, and the dyn you are using now is a good place to start.

Please @jacob.small find attached a revit file and a dynamo script.

The families which we are working with are loaded in the example file placed on a ceiling, also you can find some extra info in comments to be able to understand our problem.

ReplaceFamilly.rvt (772 KB)
ReplaceFamily.dyn (17.4 KB)