Replace Empty list with another point list?

Hello, I am wondering how can I remplace empty list with the other list but these 2 list are in diferent levels. If anyone knows please let me know. Thank you.

Why do you need to replace empty list. What’s your end goal?

I have a two Topographies, the first one is my official Topography (My proyect topography) and the second one is an imported topography from internet (The site topography). I want to move the interior points of my imported topography like my official Topography with the node “Node.Project” and then create a new topography with the two topographies.

I want to remplace the empty list of Point.Project the points of Geometry.Translate and then create a new topography with the new points.

I don’t know if I explained clear.

Did you succeed on getting interior points from imported topo?

Yes I did, the only problem is join the two list into a single list remplacing the empty list with the points of Geometry.Translate.

  1. Get the distance between points and Toposurface.
  2. Translate the points by Z distance.
  3. Rebuild the topography by using Topography.ByPoints node.
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