Repathing Central Files - The Switch from open Ldap to AD

Need some expert help.
We are in the process of switching our file servers and windows environment from Open Ldap to Active Directory. So basically we have to migrate all of the existing data to the new server and domain. Due to the amount of data we have and number of employees we’re attempting to do this over several weeks with a office by office mentality.

We’ve moved a few folders over to the new server and domain for testing and made a few discoveries.
First, every workshared file thinks it’s a new file. And you get the warning that says “The central model has been moved”. Each would need to be opened detached and then saved as a new central file. That’s problematic as we have lots of them.

Secondly the linked files also run into issues. Sometimes they don’t always load. So they would require a “reload” from… process.

Anyone have any idea on methods to get a central file that’s been moved to forget that it’s been moved without having to open them?

Thanks in advance.

This has been discussed at length a few times. @john_pierson has nodes that enable background opening of files for processing.

Several people I have met in my travels have found this quite useful.

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Thanks for the mention @JacobSmall! An additional resource is here,

On the comments of my post I elaborate on the process a bit more. Additionally, I have a node called Batch.UpgradeFamilies that does a way better job of cleaning up backups, error-catching, etc.

To answer @David_Peterson’s question a bit more: it is certainly possible to do this but would require some design. You essentially have to background open the files, do some stuff and save.