Reordering Lists

I have tried to use a reorder note to accomplish what I need, to have the system number match the index of where the room name is going. This does not work the way I would like it to. In the screenshot I would like the index 0 of the list I denoted with A (13) to be new index of what is also index 0 in the list I denoted with a B (1). Basically I want to combine these lists in a way such that the output list would be
and so on, and I know it will reorganize the indexes to be in numerical order, I want that.

Is the last value in your desired output wrong. should that be 20-2 looking at the screenshot?

In that case just put a codeblock in: A+"-"+B; and connect your A and B lists to the inputs A and B.

Yes I apologize it should be 20-2. But I don’t want to concatenate all of the strings of like indexes in the 2 lists, I want index number 13 to be 1 36 to be 1 and so on, does that make sense or am I doing a poor job of explaining lol, sorry I am very new to dynamo.

I have absolutely no clue what your end goal is.

If you want a list with nested list (your index 1 and 2) use GroupByKey, where your A is the list and B are the keys.