Reorder Electrical Equipment List

I am working on mapping electrical equipment that have the same Panel Name value. Equipment used in OneLine Diagrams have a yes/no parameter called 1LIN_Element and equipment in floor plans have a parameter called Equipment Floor Plan. I am not sure how to sort my lists to then exchange data, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

@JCoronado Try this:

@AmolShah, thank you for your reply. I have applied what you suggested. I still cant figure out how to exchange data from elements of the same category. I am able to exchange data from Detail Items to Electrical Equipment, but I cant figure out how to exchange data from Electrical Equipment to Electrical Equipment.

@JCoronado Use the GetParameterValue & SetParameterValue node.

@AmolShah, using the Select Model Element is very accurate, but I would have to do it for every single element I add to the OneLine and Floor Plan. The moment I start comparing lists to make the process more automatic, it doesnt work out well or gets really complex.

If comparing lists gets too complicated, I wonder if there’s a way to keep adding more Model Element Selections while keeping the older selections

Maybe something like this, but keeping the old list and adding more to it rather than resetting every time. Is this possible?

@JCoronado You missed @L1 on one node and that’s the reason it might not work properly.

Follow the suggestion:

I would suggests you shift it to @L1 > Close the graph > Reopen it > Then run it

Thank you!!!

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