Renumber Piles left to right or top to bottom

Hi everybody, I’m new member.
I have lately been working on a small script that can tag for Piles under an opption, left to right or top to bottom,but I have not yet.
Everyone helped me.
(sorry for my bad english, hope you understand)

Have a great day!

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You could extract the location of the piles and sort by the x or y location, and create an if statement controlled by the user as to which is used (x or y)

I extracted the location of the piles, The problem is how to appear options Boolen.
I think there is a need for python, but it’s difficult

I will have a look later, but you should not need a python code :slight_smile:

thank you very much!
I hope so, I’m still trying to find another way.

Try this:


I’m very thankful for your help me!
You graph run very well,
But I discovered that we need to have left to right and opposite, top to bottom and opposite. Node Revers can not do this. I has collected a script to do this, But the sort is based on drawing piles:any piles and piles after.
This makes the graph is not common for everyone.
Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand. I’ll try for this.
Have a great day!
Auto Renumber Piles.dyn (65.1 KB)

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In order to change direction you can use this:

But I’m not quite sure what you mean that the graph is not common for everyone?

Quite a lot of Python usage in that graph :roll_eyes:

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python that is of package data-shape.
I lost a day because of this graph.

Hi @VNhinh you should renumber Piles follow group piles or spline model line! should not all pile it will not be reasonable

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I think spline complicated for everyone. I’m trying different ways.

Hi, You need to remember that dynamo will list the piles in the exact order that you placed them so if you need them top to bottom and left to right simply insert them in that order.
Hope it helps

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Do you know that there is an add-in for Revit that does the trick for positioning xyz en yxz.
see this link Element positioning

Good luck

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@Bach states a well discussed workflow here on the forum. Have a look at these examples, specifically pick points, to draw a non permanent reference spline, to remark elements :wink:


@VNhinh Looking for something like this?

The below definition (ver 2.0) numbers piles as shown above

l-r&t-b.dyn (29.6 KB)


Thank you very much!
You graph very well,

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