Renaming SSM

im renaming my sheets in the sheet set manager, and i’ve gotten this far, but i want to remove the leading 0 from sheets 10 and up. ive tried condictional statements to try and get the renumbering to be more manual, but i always end up with the same result of having a 0 in front of all sheets, or nothing in front of all sheets. is there a way around this? im using civil 3d and the AMR sheet set manager package.

this is the part that renumbers the sheets.

Wouldn’t that just be a normal increment from 1 to n? You say you don’t want a leading 0 but then you include a 0 prefix. Are there any numbers that require a leading 0? It feels like you haven’t provided all the information.

My apologies, I want there to be a leading 0 on 1-9 as it would make all SSM numbers double digits. I want the 0 to stop for numbers 10 and up. the list would read as 01, 02, 03, …09, 10, 11,…

Can’t you use If node and put (number of sheets) <=9 as a Test and then rename with prefix for True and without prefix for False? Or something along those lines.

String.PadLeft is the node you seek.

That said I am not sure if the node in question takes a string or a number as an initial input.

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PadLeft can get me a list like that yes, but it cant add each number of that list to the sheet number as shown below.

i need to renumber all the sheets in order.

I am not a SSM expert, so I am not certain what the list structures should be, but it appears to be working based on what you posted. If not it may be that you have an extra level in your list or an empty set which is causing the problem. Expand the preview of the proceeding node ‘SubSet.Sheets’, and if that is many list levels set the inputs on the Renumber node to @L2 and set the node to longest lacing.

thank you so much! that worked flawlessly. all these problems have been solved because of this

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