Renaming Node Inputs/Outputs without creating custom node

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I just stumbled upon this article about generative design of retaining walls:
Generative design of retaining walls

Inside this article I saw these nodes:

Did they really create so many Zero-Touch nodes just for the sake of having custom-named inputs and outputs or how did they achieve this? As you can see, these are not custom nodes. And if they used Zero-Touch Nodes: Isn’t it a hell lot of work for such simple mathematical operations?

I am curious about your answers :+1:

I am not really experienced with these mathematical nodes but for Code Blocks a similar input will automatically appear when adding inputs.

For example:

I can imagine that the same applies for mathematical nodes, it seems like the inputs are the exact same names as the values inside, just lower case.

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But as you can see above, they are not using code blocks, as there is no “;” after a statement and furthermore there are not statements in the nodes

Maybe try placing one yourself and try to see if changing the contents changes the inputs?

Ofcourse changing the variables, changes the inputs of a code block. Thats how they work, but as far as I know you can’t set a name for the output.

In your screenshot there aren’t any renamed outputs though.

This is the name of the output. This is not a line of code as there is no “;” at the end.
At leat I don’t know of a function where you can hide “;” in statements. The line number can be turned off yes, but I haven’t found something similar for “;”

There is also a lacing mark at the bottom and there is a level selector in the input ports. Both indicate that this is no Code Block but a custom node.

It is not that hard to create so many nodes. If formulas are known in a text file or Excel sheet then you can write a script to autogenerate every node you need. Looking at the names of the ports it is probably from an automated process.


Isn’t that the formula they typed in? It seems like only > is the output.

Please try yourself before asking on the forum…

Opening Dynamo took me 1 minute and it shows clearly how the Formula node type is build, as per prediction in the first response:


Why is your code block working without “;” ?


I was sooooo blind. They used the node “Formula” and renamed it. I always had code blocks in mind.


Glad it “clicked” haha

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And your were talking about code blocks too :smiley: For me a code block and the Formula node are two different things

Me too :crazy_face: