Rename Solid Names in Revit Family

Dear revit users,

I want to rename solid names which are created by extrusion, revolve and etc. tools in Revit family. Every time, when creating any solid, revit gives to them name of tool and gives random ID. So, i want to rename and give my own ID. Image below, illustrates what i want to change. Is there any way to that? At least, in which direction i should do research? And is it achievable by dynamo (python scripts) or by creating plugin in c#?image

The ‘name’ you see is the category. This is hard coded and cannot be changed without corrupting your file into an unusable state - you literally will never be able to reopen it.

The number you see is the element ID. This is created at the time of opening, and also cannot be changed without corrupting your file - you might be able to get in with an audit but they numbers would be resolved.

Instead add a parameter to the created item called ‘name’, and a parameter for ‘object id’, and store the info in there.