Rename filters

Hi, Can anyone tell me what the missing piece of the puzzle is?

I am trying to rename filters by adding a prefix and a suffix to the filters but I cant figure out how to set the name


Rename Filters adding Pre and Sufix.dyn (13.4 KB)

Take a good look at what you’re doing now, you are renaming the names. Not renaming the elements.

Thank you Bjorn.

Hi Bjorn, Can the filters list within my Revit project be exported to Excel, so I am able to update the names & import them back into Revit?

Cheers for your help !!!

Perfectly doable.

Get all your filters like you did, get their names like you did. Push that to excel. (if you do not know how, search on this forum.)

In Excel, make a new column with the updated names.

2nd script, imports both columns, makes a dictionary (or does some other name/index matching) and then select the filters, get their names, ask the dictionary what their new name should be, set the name.

Use the search function on this forum,roundtripping to excel has multiple topics on it.