Removing Intersecting geometry

Hi All,

I have a large set of objects (same module, just repeated in a specific pattern grid-like pattern) but I would like to use another geometry in order to “subtract” some of those geometries and create voids within the pattern of objects. Essentially, I want to remove any part of the pattern that touches the geometry. I used the Geometry.DoesIntersect to get the boolean values, but I am not sure how to get the geometry I want from this point. I want to some how keep the “false” values and remove the "true " values. How do I sort the true and false values then return the false values as "new"geometry? I believe my issue is stemmed from my lack of knowledge in regards to what exactly different nodes are asking/looking for. I have the general idea of what i have to do but I am unsure as to who to get there.

Thanks for any help!



FilterByBoolMask is the node you’re looking for, it seems.

Hi Vikram,

I have got that part but I am confused on what the mask should be. I just need some clarification on how that node works. I know i dont have it right at the moment, but how do the boolean values work back into the List.FIlterByBoolMask node?


Thanks! boolmask