Removing brackets in a string


I attached a dynamo file which writes the bottom level of a beam to the “comments” parameter of the element (i will create a proper shared parameter later on).

The problem is that :

  • the string is enclosed in brackets,

  • the many zero’s at the end.





I would like to remove these because they will get part of a custom tag.

Any help is much appreciated.



Just use String.FromObject node on the list of numbers. Much cleaner and you don’t need a List.Map node.

Thanks !

Thanks Andreas Dieckmann for providing solution.

Johan Moens We noticed that ToString is not behaving correctly and we are fixing that issue.



@Andreas: in my setup, I need to use the ‘string from array’ node… to get the listed results I need… see image. And I too would like to remove the brackets. Is there a node out there that will remove a specific character (the bracket) from a string?

any advice in the right direction would be very appreciated.


nevermind… i found it!