Remove URL parameter from families

Since it‘s a system parameter it can‘t be removed. You could only set the parameter values to nothing (haven’t tried but an empty string should work).

When I use “Element.SetParameterByName” I get:
“Warning no parameter found by that name”. ParameterName is connected to a code block with “URL”

Please, share your graph and there is higher chance someone to help you.
I have very poor guess that you are feeding the element and you need to feed the element type to change that parameter , because the URL is Family Type parameter, not Family Instance parameter.

Probably best if you post your graph here. Bear in mind that URL is a type parameter so you‘ll need to pass element types to the SetParameter node.

This got it working (using Rhytm ByNameTypeOrInstance).
But how can I select ALL families in the project?

Alright, pretty much got it working now. It finds the objects in a 3D-view.
Although it seems to freeze or take a bunch of time everytime I use it in our project (around 128 mb file size).
Also, it would be neat to find a way to select all loaded families but I really can’t find a way to accomplish that. Now we have to make sure everything is placed in a 3D view.

Hi @Marcus_Isacsson,

It’s Like @Petar_Penchev1 and @Andreas_Dieckmann mentioned you first need the FamilyType of the Instances.
Rhythm and Archi-lab_Grimshaw have a node for that.

In this way you’re not restricted to use the ActiveView node.

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Alright, do you know a package that includes a node that selects all categories? (instead of just generic models for instance). Quite bothersome to create a list that includes each and every category in the project.

Searching the forum wil give you some results :wink:
For instance:

Well, coding with python scripts isn’t really my cup of tea yet :)…

Hi @Marcus_Isacsson,

If you are looking for a simple multi-category filter (without Python), you could try the below workflow.
But you have to know exactly what categories you are looking for.

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is there any way to keep parameter value null for all mechanical family .

Hi @shrawanram,

I gues the ''LENGTH" and “HEIGHT” parameters expect a number input, so you can’t feed it with a (empty) string value. As an alternative “{0,0};” input would set these parameters to “0”.

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Would someone have a dynamo file that would delete the value in the URL paramater ? (By that I mean just put nothing).

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Element.SetParameterValueByName node.

Feed in the list of elements, the name of the url parameter, and an empty string value.

What if the elements are all the elements of the project ?

Then it’s no different. However I doubt your URLs are instance parameters so you’d be working with element types not instances. At least they shouldn’t have been instance parameters… double check that.

I am a complete begineer in Dynamo, and don’t know the difference between elements and instances.

Just like in Revit, if you have a parameter value where you can simply edit the value in the properties pallet, Dynamo can allow you to select the element and edit the values with the Element.SetParameteByName node.

However, with instance parameters you have to click on the ‘edit type’ button, Dynamo needs you to do the same. Instead of collecting all elements in view or all elements of category and then proceeding onto the end result, you will need to go a step further and get the Element.Type first. Once you have that you can proceed.

If this isn’t clear please start a new topic as this one is already solved and weMre getting into the weeds.