Remove parametric / convert types to family

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new at Dynamo, but I’m trying to figure out if there is a way in which I could strip all the families in a project files, from any parametric behavior or even convert the family types to independent steady families.

The purpose is for sharing the model with consultants and competitors when collaborating for a project.

Many consultants are relunctant to share custom made parametric families to competitors so, providing a way to turn all parametric family types to steady single families would solve this issue.

Other consultants turn to IFC conversion to do this but IFC is not quite transparent for several classes, and the idea is to share a model with all the information of the project, say drawings, schedules, sheets, etc. which is property of client, only protecting the parametric info of the inserted families which is property of each consultant.

Any guidance please.

Best regards.

i saw a plugin for that on LinkedIn.
Key to BIM is sharing.
i’m not a fan

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Do you know the name, can´t find it. We have to remove parametric in some cases (company policy). The workaround with IFC takes far to long.