Remove list from list for curve

Does anyone know how to remove a list from another list for curves?
The List.SetDifference node seems only fit for numbers and points, but it does not work for curves.
Thanks a lot.

Try this


Py Script by @Nick_Boyts can be found here

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Thank you for your help. Your code work perfectly with numbers but it does not work for lines or curves. Is there any ways could be done for curves?

Hi @htmokac @AmolShah

Here is another possible way:

OUT = sorted(set(IN[1]) - set(IN[0]))

Edit: Yes i noticed the same Line gives 1st List. Iā€™m away now from my PC. I will get back to this soon.


This one works for all types:

OUT = IN[0][len(IN[1]):]


Thanks. However, it seems not working if 2 lists are not start with the same point.

It does not work as well if the list is in different orders.

@htmokac Are you looking for this?

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@Kulkul that exactly what I looking for. May I know how can you do it?

@htmokac convert to strings -> Check if IN[0] is equal to IN[1] which will give you booleans -> Filter false.

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@Kulkul Thanks again. I have tried what you suggested. However the output will change to strings instead of lines/ curves. Further operations, like forming walls, are not allowed.

@htmokac Could you drop here your python code?

OUT = set(IN[0]) - set(IN[1])

@Kulkul It works by using your flow. Thank you very much.