Refinery - Unsupported output

I am testing Refinery and I use Watch node for the Output results. But I keep getting this error

Data type is double as required.

What could be the reason?

Hello @a.halim, Refinery only supports numbers (doubles) as output to check against - which at face value is true here, so this appears to be a bug. @Lilli_Smith may be able to shed some light on the matter :slight_smile:

We don’t support lists as outputs because we use them to plot on a chart or use for evolution in a genetic algorithm. Can you return one z-value at a time?


I could retrieve the solution.

Any way to get a list count to work as an output?

Is there a list somewhere of approved output nodes?


Solution above

Hello Lilli… I have the same problem, and I could not choose any node in my script as an OUPUT… all of them were refused. please have a look at the screenshot.

Try returning the data (one number per run) to a watch node. Give it a name and set it as “Is Output” (right click context menu) and it should work for you in Refinery.

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