Refinery packing quirk

I’ve just discovered that it matters how you ‘draw’ your rectangle for packing.

If I join the points in a different order the packing nodes puts my items outside my shape!

If I put the points in this order it’s happy:

But if I don’t start with the bottom right point it doesn’t pack properly:


Anyone know why? @JacobSmall maybe?

@Alien ,
You can create Patch from curves, than get Perimeter curves.
Maybe it will fix directions?

Well the simple fix is to make sure the rectangle’s first point is the bottom right…

It’s very odd though!

Packing requires the rectangles to have been created in a specific way.

Note that it gets even odder when yous tart to rotate your rectangles.

This graph can be configured to explore all the possible bug states (note there are a lot of them). Periodic run mode recommended for quick visual exploration.

Toolkit Packing Issues.dyn (71.9 KB)

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Rotate my rectangles?

You mean like a diamond into a square?

More like… if my container wasn’t XY aligned. :slight_smile:

Ah, now that’d be silly… Get that container straight before you start! :joy: