Referencing Structural Grids

Revit 2016
Dynamo 1.2.0

I am trying to align my vertical curtain wall grid with my structural grid, but all I have on my script right now is selecting the grids by category, and than querying the elements from that node. So I have the grids as elements, but when I try to see what grid props I can reference to associate a vertical grid placement with, there doesn’t seem to be any information.

The Grid props show: Scope box (y/n), and the name of the grid.
The Grid type information is similarly useless for any sort of reference.

I’m wondering how I can query any information from the grid so I can:

  1. potentially find the direction/location of the grid?
  2. potentially be able to mask out any grids that don’t run perpendicular with my curtain wall?

If I can the above information, I could finish the script, just not sure where to start when dealing with structural grids.