Reference Callout - Get Boundary Curves



I’m trying to get the boudnary curves of a reference callout.
Usually it is easy with regular view using View.GetCropBoxCurves. The problem with the reference callout is that it is not an actual view - it is just a reference but still it has boudnary curves. One possible approach is what @Dimitar_Venkov suggested for callouts - Objects in Callouts. This works - but the problem is that the bounding box is including also the callout head - image which is not quite right.

I searched for Revit API Method and found this -
But I’m not experienced enough for using this with Python. Hope someone can help me with this and sucsessfully to get the curves of reference callout


The only way to get this information is with Python. I recommend trying to use the API method you found. It’s definitely worth getting yourself familiar with Python.


Yes, I know that learning Python will be good investment =) I already know the basics but some methods are difficult.
Tomorrow I will share my progress and what errors I get. Hope someone will give me a clue how to fix the script.


Hi There,
I managed to implement the API method and make the Python Script

I also used the code inside View.GetCropBoxCurves node from MEPover package.


Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks