Automated node-update


I wonder if anyone knows if there’s any methods in dynamo that (when you develop your own nodes with custom UI in c#) allows you to show your output in the canvas but calls the same calculation method again on your output from the first calculation? I would like to preform this until my function has converged. This will at the end result in a simulation when you run the node.

Please let me know if anything sounds unclear, kind of difficult to explain.



Hello Puria Hasaraki,

Take a look at below example. You can user List.Scan node to ask your custom node to repeat for required number of times.

Let me know if this doesn’t solve your problem.




Hi Ritesh,

could you pls share the ‘Recursive Pattern’ node?

Thanks so much.

Hello Chandar,

Attached dyn and dyf.

Let me know if you need more info.




RecursivePattern MyPattern

Hi Ritesh,

I am getting the following error at Geometry.Translate node- ‘Dereferencing a non-pointer’

your file is being run in the latest version- DynamoInstall0.7.4.20141109T1322.exe


Hello Chander Gupta,

Thanks for reporting, I will investigate and get back to you.



Hi Ritesh Chandawar!

Sorry for this late reply, I’ve been having some strange issue with my account for more than a week and it wouldn’t let me log in so I created a new account which seems to work perfect.

Back to the topic, if the what you send results in an animation when then run button is pressed in Dynamo, then it’s exactly what I’m looking for, but I would like that to happen inside my node with the custom UI (made in Visual Studio c#).

I will attach a simple code that might be explaining what I mean little bit better.

The Node UI



The Node Core


So, what I would like this to do is to move the point along the x-axis as an animation when I klick the run button.

Any Solution?

Puria H