Recompute All Objects (ala Grasshopper)?

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I’m currently developing some tests that rely heavily on reading/writing data from outside Revit/Dynamo (pretty much using the Python node for everything), meaning that I seemingly can’t set the Dynamo file to Manual and hit Run Workflow as this only appears to work if actual inputs/outputs within the graph has changed since last run. In Grasshopper Recompute will expire all objects on the canvas (yielding a complete recompute of the graph), does something similar exist in Dynamo perhaps:


My current workaround is to set the Dynamo file to Automatic and have a Boolean toggle wired up to one of the upstream Python nodes, which I can then flip between True and False to recompute the downstream graph.



A few different options for that is suggested in this topic:

Hi Anders,

It is indeed a most wanted feature. The different options present is not as good as we could wish for, but they can make it doable to accept what we have to deal with at the moment.

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Personally my favorite is the SpringsUI.Refresh node, as this accomplish the “execute” in just 1 click.



Excellent, that’ll do till such a feature is added OOTB. Thanks guys…

Think this node is added to the core nodes in v. 2.0

Afraid it doesn’t appear to be there (yet):

Good to know though.

This is from the package SpringsUI by @Dimitar_Venkov. (However it does show up under core by design in pre-Dynamo2.0, after Dynamo 2.0 it will be in addins)

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I see, thanks for the clarification, I know it was from @Dimitar_Venkov’s package (SpringsUI)

But say this in 2.0 and thought that it had been brought into the core, my bad :slight_smile: An awesome node (and package) nevertheless


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