Rebar creation with DesignScript

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use DesignScript the first time so my question might be an easy one to answer.
My goal is to create Rebars from Polycurves and I don’t want to use any nodes from packages.
So I want to replace the Create.FreeFormRebar from the Structural Design package with DesignScript.

What is wrong with my DesignScript?
How can I use the RevitApidocs info for my DesignScript?

Thanks for help

This will require you to write some Python instead of DesignScript as you cannot directly access the Revit API from DesignScript.

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Ah okay, and do you know another method to create rebars from polycurves not using any python or nodes from installed packages?
I need this bc element binding doesn’t work for python or installed nodes properly.