Reading properties of AppearanceAssetElement



I’m trying to read all the properties of appearance asset element for all materials in the project. I started with the node Material.MaterialAssetElement and tried modifying the script in it to extract individual properties. I’ve also tried the node Material.AppearanceParameters but I couldn’t get the result I’m looking for.

I’m trying to extract the marked parameters and eventually modify them (now that the API allows editing these in R2018).

I tried adding a line param = appearanceElemn.Parameters but this doesn’t list the parameter values.

PS1: Can’t attach or upload anything (hopefully just the first post)
PS2: I think I understand the relationship between material -> asset class -> attributes but I’m not able to express it in code properly. So far I’ve been able to make small changes to custom nodes by studying the apidocs but I’m stuck at this one.

Thank you all!


Currently I’m trying to write a script based on a similar one for Structural Assets that I found online for Density. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


This is the error I’m getting for the GetConnectedProperty line.



There are no connected properties so the previous error makes sense now!

Sorry for multiple posts - I’m still not able to post more than one image or upload anything…


I think I might be getting somewhere finally! Just added a line with asset[assetIdx].Value and the result suddenly looks closer to what I want…