Read data from excel


Is it possible to make script like this:

  1. Get all family and type from model
  2. Check that family / type exists in An Excel spreadsheet
  3. If so, take the code in Excel and place it in the type code parameter
  4. Set consecutive number to the number of types of the objects

Here an example.



Hi Sam,

Yes it is possible. See below workflow. Good Luck!

Thank you for your quick reply.

Unfortunately this is not what I want :frowning:

I want:

  1. dynamo makes a list of all objects in the model
  2. in excel it checks whether the name of family can be found, if yes, then Dynamo take the code and put it in the “Type Mark” parameter and give the code a continuous number depending number of types of family … example. Door type xxx = DDD 01 and Door type yyy = DDD 02, Window type xxx=CCC 01 Window type yyy=CCC 02

Thanks in advance