Re-create "Surface.PerimeterCurves" Dynamo function in python script or codebloc

Hi Everyone!,

I’m new in Dynamo design, so I have a lot of doubts about some functions, but now I have a problem with the function “Surface.PerimeterCurves”, I want to generate “n” number of surfaces with some unknown perimeter, and I want to generate the curves around it, so Surface.PerimeterCurves works perfectly but I also want to manage the curves of the perimeter surface in an array in python script, but every curve that I generate didn’t start in the same point, for example:

-If in the first surface (ellipsoid-rectangle joined), the first curve is the one on the left,

-in the second surface (another ellipsoid-rectangle joined with the same properties than the other) the first curve is the one on the right!,

so I don’t know how it saves the curves! and my first idea is try to re-create the same function but with a logic management of the curves… Somebody has an idea?