Randomly Place Entourage Families Along a Path

Just sharing a script which aids quick placement of entourage families along a drawn path in Revit.
Made using Dynamo version 2, with all OOTB nodes (no custom nodes required)

Place Entourage Along a Path.dyn (230.0 KB)

To start, draw a path using a line, arc, or spline and select it with the ‘select model element’ node in purple group. Note script has not been set up to work with more than one curve but this should be simple to adjust.

Then you will need to use the ‘select model elements’ node to select a number of families that you have already loaded into the project. The script will randomly pick from these when placing families along the path.

Other user inputs include:
Variation slider - slide to generate new random placement points
Element Amount - slide to increase/decrease amount of elements placed
Maximum Spread from Path - Input a distance. Elements will be placed randomly either side of the path within this range
Reverse Direction - All elements are orientated upon placement to follow the direction of the path. This option allows the user to reverse the default direction
Two directions - Ticking ‘true’ will allow the elements to face forward and back along the path
Multiple Directions - Ticking this will assign a random orientation to the placed elements (ideal for getting variety in tree placement)

Hope some of you find this useful!

Guide.pdf (2.3 MB)


Splendid, thank you