Randomize color with Dynamo

Hello to everybody. This is my first post in this forum. i need help to randomize panels of a curtain wall. i created e panel family in revit by model metric panel and then i did a script on dynamo to color in random way these. if i use this script in a new file (File-Project), it works without problem, but when i create the same script in my project file, it does not work. could anyone help me?

Is this some kind of assignment? there are others who have asked the same question resent.

Next, always show how far you have got, and include your graph file so those there can help you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

Also try to search the forum… other has most likely had the problem before you…

Last, do this help you

Absolutely no, it s not an assignment for you, it is a request for help from who may know more than me. I already searched and read trough the forum, but I did not find. I read the post that u linked yesterday, but it s different of mine.

in this link there are an image about the script, working on a new project, and another about my project, where it is not working

the link doesnt provide access, cant you upload anything here?

I think no, because I m a new client. I try to copy the images below

ok, the first is the script on my project, the second on a trial

This is more or less the same as the link provided to you earlier… Those who asked where students of mine and they have before that extension done a random placement of curtain panels, without any restrictions.

They did hand that in since that was the assignment, but in their own work, they wanted to extend it to hold colors with restrictions. remove that part and you have the thing you need.

ps. use the camera icon upper right. zoom into some few nodes so you get a better result when you need images of your graph.


I’m trying to work with the script that you linked, but i have t modify it, because not all of my panels are plane. I’ll let you know if i’ ll do it.
Thank you so much!

You’ ve been really helpful. I succeeded, soon I will post an image. Thank you again for your time and your availability

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