CAD to Floor with multiple Polylines

Hi there

I try to do a skript witch allwos me to make multiple floors out of a CAD file witch contains multiple polylines. It works perfectly fine but does someone knows what i have to do to be able to select the CAD file from witch it should create the floors?

Example: i imported Linie_2.dwg and Linie_3.dwg but in the end i only want to create the floors out of the file Linie_3.dwg

Thx a lot for your help

Hi @florian.vuillemin

Try doing this:


Hi @Kulkul

Thanks a lot for your answer. You solved my problem. Really appreciate that.

To make it userfriendly to my coworkers witch are not that familiar with dynamo, is there an simple solution that they could choose from something like a dropdown-list witch importinstance they want to use?

Thanks a lot

Use Dynamo Player.

Ohh yes of course. Sorry for my stupid question, was to early in the morning :wink:

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to Dynamo. I tried running this and it worked well, however when I tried running this with 2 square slabs right next to each other (2 edge lines over one another) the PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves node said;
“Warning: PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves operation failed.
PolyCurves may be branching”

I am finding others are having errors where PolyCurves may NOT be branching but not this.
Not sure what is going on, any help would be great.

Hi Guys,

It was bound to happen, I found a solution right after posting the question.


@NCEKnight Awesome! Thnaks a lot for sharing

hi I am new to Dynamo and ive been trying to use this code but something wrong seems to happen please advise.
I am trying to draw data from “2B Part - Polylines” i keep getting this error

Add List.FirstItem node after Code Block.

problem still exists.
let me tell you exactly what i did.
1- convert all areas to ployline
2- import Cad file

@ahmed.aelgammal Could you try selecting Linked/Import DWGby using SelectModelElement Node.

Hi NCEKnight,

Thank you for the solution.
Is it possible to have the LISP routine for Polyline to Layer ? I can’t find it on the Internet.

Thank you in advance